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8 Blaxland Teams playing in finals this weekend.

Hi everyone, 8 teams from Blaxland have battled their way to the finals and would love your support this weekend.

Why not pop on down to Jamison Park to support you club. Full list of fixtures listed below.

Go the mighty redbacks!!!!!!

DOW Start End Field AG/Div Home Team Away Team
Sat 11:00 12:30 JAM8 U15 Boys/Div 2 BX1502 Blaxland FC  SM1502 St Marys Soccer Club 
Sat 12:00 13:30 JAM3 U16 Boys/Div 2 WU1602 Wilberforce United SC  BX1602 Blaxland FC 
Sun 09:00 11:00 JAM9 All Age Men/Div 12 BXAM12 Blaxland FC  SUAM12 St Clair United SC 
Sun 11:00 12:30 JAM8 U16 Girls/Div 1 BX16G1 Blaxland FC  PF16G1 Penrith FC 
Sun 13:00 15:00 JAM8 All Age Men/Prem 1 Res BXAMP1R Blaxland FC  SUAMP1R St Clair United SC 
Sun 13:00 15:00 JAM7 All Age Men/Div 5 BXAM05B Blaxland FC Blk Black SUAM05 St Clair United SC 
Sun 13:00 15:00 JAM2 All Age Women/Div 2 SBAW02 St Marys Band Club SC  BXAW02 Blaxland FC 
Sun 15:00 17:00 JAM8 All Age Men/Prem 1 PRAMP1 Penrith Rovers FC  BXAMP1 Blaxland FC 

Committee Members Needed!!!!

As we are approaching the end of this season we now need to look forward to next season. If any members would like to join our committee please email me with your preferred position. Due to various resignations we will be requiring a Treasurer who is familiar with MYOB and Bas, a competition secretary and general committee members.

Should we wish to continue as a Club in 2015, it is imperative that we have sufficient numbers on our Committee, so please consider this.

Playing with a broken arm / Paster Cast


The safety and welfare of players must always be the priority for clubs and club officials. 

The duty of care to players is that of the club and players or parents cannot waive or assume the responsibilities or obligations of a club in their duty to player safety.

Allowing a player to play when knowingly injured or still recovering from an injury could result in:

  • The player becoming further injured or exacerbating the existing injury
  • a longer recovery time or further surgery or treatment
  • a long term debilitating injury, condition or disability
  • legal action against the team officials and/or the club and association involved.

Team officials could be found to be negligent in their actions if they allow a player to play knowing that they are still recovering from or have sustained injury prior to a game.   

Clubs and team officials should only allow a player to return to play once a Doctor’s certificate stating they are fit to train and play has been received by the club.


Wearing a plaster cast or any hard rigid support or other type of cast is not permitted when training or playing. 

A plaster cast or hard support worn by a player can pose a risk of injury to that player and to other players and match officials and therefore no player is permitted by Football NSW to wear a plaster cast or hard rigid support when playing or training.

The risk of wearing these when training or playing is not only dangerous to the player themselves but also poses a significant risk of hitting or harming another player or match official and causing serious injury or death.   

Where a player is fitted with a plaster cast or any rigid support and has evidently suffered an injury from which they have not recovered, then coaches, managers and clubs have an obligation and duty of care to ensure the player does not play. 

Where participation in a match is concerned, this ruling is also covered by FIFA Law 4 of the game.

If a player presents for a game wearing a plaster cast or rigid support, the referee retains the right to prevent the player from playing.

Club and team officials must also never allow a player to train or play where it is known or evident that a player has themselves intentionally removed or allowed an unqualified person to remove their plaster cast.